Introducing Nutshella Milk Stout

Here at Belleville, we love making dark beers.

There’s something about a deep glass of jet black stout or porter that truly soothes the soul, and reminds us just how lucky we are to be tucked away inside, cosy and warm in the midst of Winter.

Our Nitro Southie Stout and Prêt à Porter are firm fan-favourites, but this time around, we wanted to brew a beer with an extra level of indulgence.

In honour of our favourite choco-hazelnut treat, we decided to brew a beer that was the perfect accompaniment to it. A decadently rich milk stout with oodles of chocolate, a sprinkling of hazelnut and a hefty enough ABV to handle all that deliciousness!

Nutshella comes in at a tidy 6.9% ABV with heaps of body and enough chocolate, hazelnut flavour to light a spark of happy nostalgia with every sip.

Introducing Nutshella Milk Stout. Photograph of a can of nutshella surrounded by chocolate chip cookies and hazelnuts, with molten chocolate dripping from the top of the can and glass

With chocolate and hazelnuts taking centre-stage, we decided to forego the roasted barley that is a trademark of a classic stout and in its place, threw in loads of lactose to sweeten.

To start, we submerged a giant bag of cacao nibs into the whirlpool, adding another 12 kgs of cacao nibs post-fermentation and finished it all off with a healthy drizzle of hazelnut flavouring. As you can imagine, cleaning the fermenter was one dirty job!

Introducing Nutshella Milk Stout. Photograph of cocoa nibs in a wooden scoop on a wooden table

The resulting brew is chocolatey, silky smooth and incredibly decadent. The hazelnut flavouring gives it a subtle roastiness and of course, nuttiness, with the cocoa nibs and milk sugars lending an indulgent bittersweet chocolate finish.

Introducing Nutshella Milk Stout. A photograph of a curved goblet glass of Nutshella Milk Stout, with molten chocolate and hazelnuts overflowing from the glass and a dark black beer within.

We can’t say we’d advocate drinking beer for breakfast, but in difficult times like these, we wouldn’t blame you for pairing a can of Nutshella with some big American breakfast pancakes. Brunch or dinner, Nutshella Milk Stout will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

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