Deep Dive into Thames Surf IPA

The first beer we ever brewed on opening Belleville was Thames Surf IPA. A trademark West Coast IPA in style, it’s been through its fair share of changes over the years and is still one of our top-selling brews, proudly holding its place in our core range. Thames Surf is bitter, bold, and gloriously hoppy, pouring deep orange and bursting with stone fruit aroma.

Our founder Adrian explains the inspiration and development of Thames Surf below.

Deep Dive into Thames Surf IPA. Photograph of Adrian pouring hops into a brew tank.

“Weirdly, I was in Savannah, Georgia, when I tasted my first West Coast IPA. It was from Lagunitas. Although Stone IPA and Brooklyn East India IPA are undoubtedly hoppy, this was the first beer that had brought home the piney, dank resinous character that is the trademark of the West Coast IPA style.

When we started brewing at Belleville all the way back in January 2013, the first beer we brewed was Thames Surf IPA. Back then, it had more crystal malt and a totally different hop bill. We’d previously bittered with Millennium and dry-hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Willamette.

In keeping with the fashion, the crystal malt has gone making it brighter in colour and taste and rocketing the hops into the spotlight.

Bravo and Chinook have replaced Millennium in the boil, and a magical mix of Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial Cryo hops now give it the bubblegum and peach fruitiness that has made it one of the most popular and enduring beers that we have produced.”

Deep Dive into Thames Surf IPA. Photograph of a blue can of Thames Surf IPA next to a tulip shaped glass of amber, golden beer

Thames Surf IPA is a bold and juicy West Coast IPA with a deep, pithy bitterness, rich stone fruit flavours and bright notes of pine and orange zest on the nose. Settling in at 5.6% ABV, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a beer with a little more kick in flavour and not too outrageous alcohol content.


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