Deep Dive into Picnic Session IPA

Picnic Session IPA is part of our core range alongside London Steam, Thames Surf and Commonside Pale Ale. First brewed in 2016, it’s one of our best-selling brews with a super sinkable ABV and heaps of flavour.

Keep reading to learn more about our inspiration and process and take a deep dive into Picnic Session IPA.

The sun is high in the sky, the evenings seem never-ending, and everyone is just that little bit happier. Summer may be fleeting in the UK, but the memories made are evergreen! We wanted to brew a beer that not only encapsulated the mood of the season but also fit in with the summer lifestyle.

Here at the brewery, we’re lucky enough to be based directly alongside sunny Wandsworth Common. Which means, that whilst we’re expert at brewing beer, we’re equally expert at enjoying it with a summer picnic.

Deep Dive into Picnic Session IPA. Photograph of The Belleville Brewery Taproom in Summer with people and tables outside

It’s such a short season; you’ll find as soon as the sun shows its face, the commons are full of Londoners trying to catch some rays and make the most of the usually short-lived weather.

We don’t blame them! There’s something to be said for that time of year when you can pack a nice lunch, a few cold beers and a blanket and find somewhere warm and sunny to lie down, relax and watch balmy days turn into nights. With Picnic SIPA, our idea was to capture the essence of Summer and make that experience a year-long one.

Deep Dive into Picnic Session IPA. Vector image of two purple cans of Picnic Session IPA laid out on a purple, checkered pattern picnic blanket.

A Session IPA in Style, Picnic hits an easy-drinking and refreshing 4.4% ABV. Where it’s sensible on strength, its hop bill is anything but. We pull no punches when it comes to flavour with a killer US hop blend of Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado. The resulting brew bursts with juicy flavours of mango, passion fruit, candied lime and grapefruit.

Deep Dive into Picnic Session IPA. Photograph of sliced lime and grapefruit

Picnic begins life with a base of Munich and CaraGold malts for a sweet and malty backbone, ready to support all those expensive American hops. There are no substitutes in the hop world for Citra, Mosaic and Eldorado. You can’t get that passion fruit, berry and citrus zest blast from anything else, so although we want you to enjoy Picnic as often as possible, spare a thought for our poor accountant who has to pay the hop bill!

Picnic SIPA is available to purchase from our online shop and The Belleville Taproom all year round. Click here to shop.