Q&A With Adrian!

So here’s the first of a series of Q&A sessions with our head brewer and founder, Adrian Thomas, feel free to send us your questions for the next one…

Q1 : What on earth made you want to start a brewery in 2013?

AT: Whilst organising a beer festival for the school (Belleville Primary) I was amazed to find out how many breweries had opened in Sussex and Surrey since I left there in 1983 and it was the beers that I sampled whilst working and travelling around the US that helped form the focus of what I wanted to do.

Q2: Of all the beers you’ve brewed since opening, which one would you consider the ‘signature’ and why?

AT: Although it’s not the best seller, Commonside Pale Ale has always been my favourite of our beers and one that encapsulates what we’re trying to do, it’s a fairly simple beer in terms of malt and hops but it doesn’t shout out like some pale ales do but i think it’s a really classy interpretation of an American pale.

Q3: Which brewer would you move heaven and earth to collaborate with? And why?

AT: Sam Calagione or Mitch Steele in a heartbeat! Both have a sense of adventure in their brews with the 120 minute from Dogfish Head just being mentally good and the Mocha IPA from Stone being absolutely sublime.

Q4: What’s in the pipeline for 2017?

AT: We’re pretty happy with the range of beers but the decision has been made to axe Northcote Blonde with the move to discontinue producing cask beers; Northcote Blonde will shortly be replaced by London Steam Lager (4.5%) and apart from the abv change I defy anyone to notice the difference! Our assistant brewer, Dave has just brewed his first beer; our Australian Pale Ale, Little Critters and our summer brew will be a Blueberry/Mosaic hopped wheat IPA called Red Wheat & Blue. If you manage to get to the taproom you might even get to try the results of our experimentation in souring beers.

Q5 : What’s in your pint glass right now?

AT: Belching Beaver, peanut butter milk stout. Love it!

Q6 : (From @devin_workman via Twitter) What’s your favourite Jean Claude Van Damme movie? 

AT : Without a doubt it has to be Wake of Death(2004); writing the music for films like that inspired me to get into brewing and thankfully an oversight omitted me from the credits!

So there you have it, comprehensive AF. To ask Adrian even more stuff, either comment below, message us via Facebook, Twitter or send Glyn an email :

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